KF patch 1010 - 6 Ноября 2009 - zx896
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    KF patch 1010

    Новый патчик

    Fixed exploits and bugs in maps Farm, BioticsLab, Manor, Wyre, Foundry,and Offices
    Fixed a failure to switch to a new weapon when throwing the your pipebomb when playing online
    Fixed pipe bombs appearing to explode when they went out of your view for a while when playing online
    Fixed pipe bombs not making an explosion sound online sometimes when you don’t see them explode
    Fixed high level Firebugscatching on fire even though they don’t take fire damage
    Fixed the zeds not doing the burning behavior as well as continuously burning, when they shouldn’t
    Added a system to prevent taking out the Patriarch instantly with one giant group of pipe bombs. Additionally, we have removed the ability to drop the pipe bomb inventory item to prevent players from stockpiling pipe bombs between rounds and spamming too many of them
    Fixed vulture head textures sometimes appearing when players were taking damage/getting shot at
    Fixed a remaining exploit where picking up weapons that were dropped on the ground for a while would give too much money when the item was sold
    Additional memory usage reductions

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